Alejandra Guajardo Walks The Stage Holding Giant Bitcoin Staff




Guajardo is a famous actress and model belonging to Mexico El Salvador Cabanas. During the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition, she walked across the stage while wearing a costume that included Bitcoin BTC.

Alejandra Guajardo shared a picture of herself walking with a huge colón bill decorated with cocoa beans strapped to her back on January 12 on Instagram, tagging Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele in the post. She also had a rod in her hand with an actual giant Bitcoin on top of it.

The outfit Guajardo was wearing, according to the Miss Universe announcer, represented El Salvador’s history of cash. They indicated that the U.S. dollar soon supplanted cocoa as a form of payment, which was then followed by the colón.

The Miss Universe announcer noted, “This outfit symbolises El Salvador’s history of currency.” “Cocoa was used for a very long period, followed by the colon, and eventually the U.S. dollar.

El Salvador became the first nation in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment in 2021. To appear like money, you don’t need a sash.

Sixteen contestants will proceed to the semifinals of the Miss Universe pageant following the preliminary round. The 2022 tournament will have 84 different nations represented.

After El Salvador’s government adopted a law intended to provide a framework for Bitcoin-backed bonds, Guajardo took the stage in New Orleans. Pro-crypto legislators in the nation have proposed utilising these bonds to settle national debt and fund the construction of a Bitcoin City.

The model’s outfit at the previous competition was intended to demand justice for the ladies who were killed in El Salvador. In 2022, Bukele started mass arresting individuals in an effort to stem the country’s rising crime rate.

Since then, the murder rate in El Salvador has decreased by 56%, according to data provided by the Bukele administration.

El Salvador, meanwhile, passed its Digital Securities Law on Wednesday, establishing a foundation for stringent consumer protections in the wider cryptocurrency market.

And “establishing that we are open for business to all those who wish to build the future with us on Bitcoin,” according to the nation’s National Bitcoin Office.

It also opens the door for El Salvador to issue so-called Volcano Bonds, a $1 billion bond issuance proposal. The proposal would use the profits to purchase Bitcoin and develop a “Bitcoin City” powered by geothermal energy.

Alejandra, who is not new to pageants, competed against 23 other contestants for the title of Miss Earth Veracruz 2018 at the Teatro de la Reforma IVEC in Veracruz.

Alejandra represented Juan Rodriguez Clara. She placed fourth in the grand finale. She competed on behalf of Juan Rodriguez Clara in the Mexicana Universal Veracruz 2018 competition, finishing in second place.

El Salvador’s government approved a law intended to provide a framework for Bitcoin-backed bonds, and Guajardo then walked across the stage in New Orleans.

Legislators who support cryptocurrency in the nation suggested utilising such bonds to reduce the nation’s debt and pay for the development of a Bitcoin City powered by volcanoes.


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