Widespread Social Media Criticism of Game of Thrones NFTs




The production of HBO’s Game of Thrones NFTs will result from a new partnership between Nifty’s and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products.

NFTs have been experiencing a decline on a global scale. Despite recent market unrest, digital collectibles represent 60% of all works of art; nonetheless, from January to September 2022, trade volumes of digital collectibles fell by approximately 97%. 

Wash trading, or the unlawful practice of manipulating the market by purchasing and selling the same NFT to create excitement erroneously, has caused more than half of the trading volume.

Fans adore the expansive, full of fascinating places and regions Game of Thrones universe, which is also home to the characters we’ve grown to love. This is true even after the show’s last season, which we do not discuss. What a complex and multi-layered foundation for a digital product franchise.

The much-anticipated release of a line of officially authorised Game of Thrones NFT designs has been greeted with a collective “wtf?” (very appropriately). 

This collection has some pretty appalling character design, but—believe it or not—it has already sold out. The world of NFTs is a rather peculiar one.

But it’s obvious why social media is trashing these designs after just a quick glance at the shoddily created digital avatars. The first thing that comes to mind is, “What’s up with those hands?” 

Large digits that resemble Salad Fingers are quite odd, especially when they contain floating regular-sized axes and other objects. The quality of the character models as a whole is also clear from the PS2 era. These chaps would fit right in with the frightening characters from Gran Turismo 7.

The Game of Thrones NFTs was sold at a floor price of 0.079 ETH on the digital collectibles marketplace Nifty, with 3,450 NFTs sold ahead of the launch and 1,500 during the public sale.

“Our teams have diligently worked together to create an interactive collecting experience for Game of Thrones fans to continue their journey and live within the beloved series,” Marsilio said. “We are thrilled to introduce more fanatics into the digital collectibles and Web3 industry.”

The first NFT collection generated $506,673 in sales in one day as of Wednesday, placing it 13th in terms of sales. According to the business, a second season of Game of Thrones NFTs will be launched shortly on OpenSea.

When commenting on the new show, Nifty’s CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio said, “Every so often, a film or television series comes along that pushes the limits of its genre to the point where it forever transforms the creative landscape and becomes a part of our collective cultural identity. 

That show for this generation is Game of Thrones. Nifty’s is excited to collaborate with Warner Bros to continue pushing the boundaries of imagination and innovation. 

Discovery Global Consumer Products on a brand-new type of digital collectible that will enable franchise fans to engage in ways they have never done before.

However, Nifty notes that this is “just the first in a series of software enhancements we will provide over the coming weeks” despite the absence of an official release date. Wait for that and then participate first.

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