BAYC Millionaire Apes into the Bull Run Beach Club




Bored Ape Yacht Club holders have secretly joined the unknown start up project “Bull Run Beach Club” in a bid to create a new Blue Chip NFT project and P2E game! The Bull Run Beach Club project is currently unknown to the NFT world without any advertising and can be minted for only 0.04ETH through their exclusive Club 88. The project so far has rewarded holders with over $1600USD in giveaways in only a few weeks and looks set to moon over the coming Months!

What we know so far:

  • Iconic GTA inspired artwork limited to 8,888 units
  • Currently held by BAYC members
  • Extremely Rare Black Series NFT’S
  • Redistribution of profits to holders through Weekly giveaways
  • Official Custom Merchandise
  • Future P2E game

The Bull Run project features incredibly stunning art inspired by the game “Grand Theft Auto”. There are both Male and Female characters with over 200 unique traits. Limited to only 8,888 units it is a strong focus of the core team to ensure every buyer receives a unique creation they will be delighted to own.

The Bull Run Beach Club is currently minting it’s exclusive “Club 88” OG status category limited to only 88 units and with only a few NFT’s left before it closes you have to be fast!

Get in now before it goes public!!

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