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On-demand shopping apps are the most welcomed in the online marketplace. Day-to-day, e-commerce apps are growing and reaching a high number of users from all over the world. In India, Flipkart leads in the e-commerce marketplace, having its unique place in selling various products. Although the Flipkart app was started aiming for an online bookstore, soon it was developed, giving a platform for other products and satisfying the basic needs of the consumers. Beginning from Electronics and groceries, consumers can buy the things they need by being in their place. An on-demand shopping app like Flipkart is highly known for its various features and different products. 

What are these Flipkart Clone apps? 

Flipkart is an online shopping platform where people have access to buy from any brands and products from a single online store. Flipkart has gained more than 100+million users. This Flipkart clone script offers more than 80 million products from various categories. For instance, electronics gadgets, accessories, books, e-books, home appliances, and whatnot? Although this Flipkart app is accessible on the website, recently, it aims fully at mobile applications. 

What are the unique features of the Flipkart Clone app?

  •  Customer Login: 

In order to buy a product, the customer needs to first log in with their mail id or with a social media account. This feature also enables them to connect with other devices or other e-commerce websites. This can improve the growth of frequent buyers.

  •  Product Navigation: 

The admin can display the products in each separate category, making it convenient for them to navigate the products quickly.

  • Real-time Order Tracking options: 

This feature enables the customers to track their order from the day the order was placed and travel through the integrated Real-time tracking options. Even the retailers and admin can look into the tracking options.

  • Payment Gateways:

Users can pay for the order through the in-built payment gateway through multiple payment gateways: Credit/debit cards, internet banking, online wallets, etc. 

  • Wishlist & Cart: 

Almost all the users are comfortable with this main feature called Wishlist and cart. Users can add the products they wish to buy later in the wishlist category and add multi-products in the Buy cart to buy instantly. 

  • Push Notifications:

This feature is available for the admin, merchants, and users to update the latest products and newly stocked products. It also notifies new sales, offers, discounts, and so on.

  • Safe & Secure: 

The white-label developer has enabled the secure way of transferring money and also while buying a product.

  • Ratings & Reviews:

The admin can allow the users to comment on an order or a product to improvise the brand or the particular product. Through these reviews, they will enrich and have a friendly relationship with the customers and retailers.

Benefits of Flipkart Clone App: 

Seamless E-commerce benefitting the customers’ requirements is the primary purpose and growth of the On-demand shopping app. The on-demand app also enhances the chances of multiple brands awareness. These can efficiently work with the targeted audiences and build better communications between the consumers and the brands. The Flipkart app is also considered the hub of different marketing kinds of discounts and coupons of service, products, etc. E-commerce also helps to maintain their company and customer’s level in a better way. It also provides the best offers for the consumers. 

After the order placement is sent as a summary to the consumers, which is known as fulfillment.  

Order fulfillment steps –

  • Orders placed by customers
  • Download order in OMS
  • Inventory allocation
  • Order Picking
  • Order packaging and labeling
  • Shipping Orders
  • Goods have been delivery 

What would be the cost to build an app like Flipkart? 

The white-label app development provides all the features for the entrepreneurs and the admin’s innovative ideas. It cannot be estimated precisely as it depends on the technologies and features you let the white-label app developers add to your On-demand shopping app. It completely differs from Android and iOS. It is completely developed for the customers in a user-friendly way. This on-demand shopping app can also be equipped with advanced technologies and features and can be covered with higher prices. 

Features of E-commerce App like Flipkart for Admin

  • User management
  • Admin User Management
  • Seller Management
  • Product Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Banner Management
  • Category management
  • Report & Analysis
  • Feedback & Support
  • Discount Deals & Management
  • Payment & Refund Management

 Features of E-commerce App like Flipkart for Sellers

  • Social Login
  • Sign in
  • Product Management
  • Inventory management
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Completion Module
  • Payment
  • Return Management
  • Notification
  • Order management
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Report & Analysis
  • Seller Feedback & Support

Winding Up: 

Having a leading on-demand shopping app like Flipkart is a significant boost to launch your own app. For past years these on-demand shopping apps have created a substantial impact on the lives of common people. The Flipkart app is considered the fastest app in delivering orders for customers. 

The Flipkart app enhanced the growth in the businesses of the multiple merchandises such as small, large industries. It also has sustained and grew higher in this competitive e-commerce market. Many white-label solutions for entrepreneurs like you to feed and design with your innovative ideas and offers for your consumers. You can ask the app developers for any features to be added or excluded to provide your users with the best user-friendly interface. Utilizing the Flipkart Clone app is an added advantage for you to enrich your business and provide a platform for various small brands and retailers.  

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