New Pricing Model of Bitcoin: A Debate




The famous bitcoin expert Willy Woo has told his Twitter followers that he’s researching on a new pricing model which indicates that a bull run is at hand. He added that “the model indicates bitcoin is near to its bullish run that might occur in the next month.”

The price value of bitcoin has been decreasing during the last week, as Bitcoin lost it 2% overall in the previous week. The price value has been fluctuating between $8,810 to a hit over $10,000 per Bitcoin.

In June 2020, as I was writing, the price value has been ranging from $9,011 to $9,151. The $1650 billion market price, yet to be holding up 63% of the total market price of overall 5,000-crypto wealth.

Besides the recession, many experts have the opinion that the bullish run to come to fulfilment in the upcoming time. Moreover, Willy Woo the popular bitcoin graph expert has tweeted that he is going to create a new pricing model for Bitcoins.

He tweeted that this new model will hold the commencement of numeric bull runs. Bitcoin was preparing for a bullish run, but in the meantime, the COVID-19 white swan destroys the party. He shows in the model that we are near to another bullish run which is expected to happen in the next month.

Presenting another graph, He told that the 2nd graph very clearly indicates how the Covid-19 pandemic was a model breaking aberration.

Willy Woo published another graph, which shows that when this bull market goes prolong the taken spike up, then the higher will be the price (Best Capitalization model).

And another chart Woo published indicates that “the longer this bull market takes to wind up, the higher the peak price (Top Capitalization model). A prolonged sideways building-up band is, in the long run, is the best thing.

Predominantly what the Hyper-sheet cofounder told his Twitter followers in his current model indicates that Bitcoin is just about a month away from take-off. He thinks that whether it was not for the Covid-19 pandemic, then the bull stocks would have so far commenced.

Furthermore, probably everyone would not agree with the Willy estimations and pieces of evidence. Of course, not everyone agreed with Woo’s prediction and the evidence indicating from his current model.

Adam Bornstein responses to Willy Woo that the Technical evaluation can’t work over with Bitcoin. There were plenty of exchanges, and Bornstein said that with too many chances, too thin volume, and much noise created into every progress.

While some other Bitcoin supporters also disagree with Willy’s prediction and the Tone Vays said to the International Business Times that there is a possibility the “bitcoin’s price value shall not surpass 10,000-USD up to 2021.

Vays utters in the news outlet, for over a month I am saying that there is no reason to pull out from my prediction earlier in the current year that Bitcoin would get remain in the range of 6,000-USD and 10,000-USD for the majority of the year 2020.

Certainly, Ibtimes also bring up that Vays forecast a dive to 2,800-USD before the reward halving happened, but many experts predict it would never happen.

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