NFT into Emotional-verse – Big B’s NFT Loot Box is gonna create a new NFT history in India




“The ‘most trending Tech’ only reaps you fortunes!” slogans about NFT that every magazine was flashing throughout the world. However, for the Indians, everything begins with emotions, and they value emotions more than the techs. Sometimes, even the techs & gadgets establish an emotional connection among the people. This can be seen in every promotion of the biggest brands of the entire universe.

An Indians’ value for a product is completely based on their emotional inclination towards them. Every commercial of major MNCs will have an emotional connection for their commercials, particularly in India. Have you ever dreamt that decentralized ledger tech will pave the way to establish the emotional connection among the Indians? Yep! Big B’s NFT launch is all set to do that specific task.

When the Superstar meets Start Tech

The NFT of Amitabh’s is also a bundle of emotion-based NFT, where his super-premium NFT is one of the most valued and respected literature in Hindi “MADHUSHALA” in his narration. As said before, When NFT makes its way to India, everything about NFT will involve sentiments and emotions, and MADHUSHALA is a great example of this fact. Big B is not just a commoner or a normal actor with stardom, to say the least; he literally ruled the Bollywood industry for many decades, and he is still considered to be the superstar of Indian cinema.

Every nook corner of India, where even the NSA doesn’t have access, The brand Big B is well known. The people consider Amitabh as an asset of Indian history, where his legacy will be enrolled in the list of top most legends of the nation.


The NFT of BIG B is not just something we came across in a common market like OpenSea. The NFT’s uniqueness and the nature of the assets he brought in are more exclusive, and before looking into the detail of the assets, just for the name Big B the sale of the NFT is going to make a huge difference. Amitabh is considered to be one of the most active and influential people in social media, with about of 50 Million followers in total. So, the hype will be huge, and it seems the BeyondLife has deployed an exclusive team to handle the high traffic volume to let every one of his followers or fans enjoy a convenient experience in his BeyondLife platform to buy or own NFT.

Win the Loot Box – Big B’s Crates

The Beyondlife web platform has officially announced that there will be four sets of NFTs of BigB that are going to be launched. The one with more editions and the most expected NFT category of all this is the Loot Box, which is more like the crates we open in the PVP Shooter games or chest in more common games. The way it works is there is a list of NFTs will be placed on the side of the chest, and every time the Loot box opens, the algorithm will pick a random asset for the user. And the loot box owner will have the chance to win even Big B’s NFT worth 50 lakhs. There are many other benefits in the Win the Loot Box categories where owning and opening the loot box will have the chance to,

  • 10 Lakhs worth of original vintage poster NFT autographed by Amitabh himself.
  • Big B punk which has an initial value of over 10,000
  • Big B signed Pastel Arts, which values initially valued more than 5000.

The more important perk of the Big B’s NFT is that these assets can be resold, and the user has full authenticity over the asset just like any other asset. There are about 5000 NFT editions that are about to be available for trade, so major people’s target will be on owning a loot box,ince the chances and benefits are very high,

Sign Up is the only key.

As we know how influential the NFTs are, about the influence of Big B, there is nothing much to say as the name defines everything. The term ‘NFT’ is going to get more introduction just because of the presence of Big B in that particular platform. Even the geographical location where the techs had no influence is influenced by the brand Big B. So the value of Amitabh’s NFT is going to face an extreme peak, and the surge is on the flash sale will be very high, so to make the possession of the NFTs of Big B, the beyond life platform has the pre-deposit option where you can directly use the fund to own NFT in flash seconds in the flash sale. India’s record-breaking NFT is about to get live very shortly. Sign up and load your wallet to own the biggest fortune of the Indian NFT antiquity.

Amitabh’s NFT

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