PlayTreks officially launches TREKS, a brand new crypto-token designed to complement the PlayTreks All-In-On App for the music industry




HASSELT, BELGIUM – November 9, 2021 

PlayTreks, the ALL IN ONE app for the music industry, with powerful features such as music distribution to traditional streaming platforms and blockchain-based marketplaces, music performance analytics, and much more, will officially launch TREKS, a brand new crypto-token designed to complement the PlayTreks Marketplace, where users can create, buy and sell NFTs. On the 11th of November 2021, will launch TREKS on their decentralized exchange. PlayTreks recently also announced a partnership with Polygon Technology, which is the foundation of the PlayTreksblockchain.

PlayTreks users, crypto enthusiasts, investors, and music fans can purchase TREKS on or the marketplace, and trade them on the Decentralized Exchange, as well as use TREKS to support artists, content creators, and more on the PlayTreks Marketplace.

And, most importantly, use the crypto-token for NFT creations, purchases, and reselling on the PlayTreks Marketplace.

Anjo De Heus, founder of the versatile new music analytics and distribution platform, says he believes blockchain-based music distribution is a key innovation in the industry. In a more decentralized future, there will be no more debates around ownership… all that info is stored in the blockchain.

Distributed ledger-based platforms such as PlayTreks will allow musicians to release music from one place to various streaming services.

“Musicians, managers, or labels will have a more democratic system to operate with. Their audience and social media data will be in their dashboard. With the help of our personalized artificial intelligence agents, they can make better decisions to grow their career,” says De Heus.

The PlayTreks Marketplace gives artists and content creators a new way of monetizing music by setting the NFT value themselves. Supported by performance insights the artist or content creator no longer must guess what their value is, data such as popularity, followers, and more will provide invaluable data to justify the price of their NFT’s.

As PlayTreks aims to decentralize the music industry, the release of the TREKS crypto-token and the PlayTreks Marketplace is a big step forward to achieving that objective, providing the most transparency and freedom to artists and their fans.

Want to know more about PlayTreks? Open an account on the PlayTreks App by going to Join thousands of creators who already trust PlayTreks in bringing their works to life.

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