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Elon Musk once said that if we assume any rate of improvement upon video games, they will eventually become indistinguishable from reality. SpaceGrime has seemingly taken a cue from Elon Musk and made it possible for you to embark on a journey through space and discover the infinite potential that lies within. The team’s innovative platform will help bring space travel closer to reality by creating hyper-realistic virtual worlds. These worlds will be so real that you won’t be able to distinguish fact from fiction, and will take you on a journey through an ever-changing universe of planets, moons, and asteroids. creating a vivid experience of space travel.

Innovation is at the very core of what SpaceGrime aims to become, and we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. The main digital token GRIMEX, albeit small at this point in time (market cap under $2 million as of now) has a proven track record of success as well as the “SpaceGrime Army,” an active community of over 27,000 diamond-hands holders who trust the team to deliver.

Crypto enthusiasts, investors, and speculators looking for the next disruptive digital coin can be excited about SpaceGrime’s upcoming decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace, both of which are due to go live by January! The SpaceGrime team didn’t hold back on either of these projects. By integrating multi-blockchain charts and multi-blockchain exchanges, they will support BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. This exciting blend of real-time data and next generation trading features give SpaceGrime’s decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace the potential to blow the crypto space wide open! In fact, creating noise in the crypto-verse has become an everyday  thing for SpaceGrime as they continuously make their appearance as CoinMarketCap’s Top Gainers, all while arduously working on what will become the NFT marketplace with the largest collection of Space-related NFTs.

But what good is holding onto a token without the appeal of long-term value? The SpaceGrime team thinks big and they really want to push the boundaries of what’s possible. SpaceGrime’s roadmap boldly answers the call of the future: everything new and unexpected through various ambitious projects in the works. SpaceGrime hasn’t yet come close to reaching its full potential, but the team clearly won’t stop until we’re absolutely blown away. After all, it’s no small feat to abandon the status quo to bravely take risks; It takes courage, which is what SpaceGrime seems to have in spades.

Dreams are just the start here. SpaceGrime is building tomorrow’s reality today. Here are just a few of SpaceGrime’s upcoming projects for you to get excited about:

The SpaceGrime Spacecraft & Space Program

SpaceGrime has the dream of the future as outlined in their whitepaper – exploring the cosmos and life outside our own world. The team is already breaking barriers by partnering with SpaceX and negotiating on securing an SLA, making their plans on track for going into orbit in a year’s time. This is just a beginning as SpaceGrime has plans of making space travel for everyone a reality.

A Pet-Friendly Space Simulation Hotel

SpaceGrime also has a plan for those that would prefer their feet to keep touching ground, and that’s where the first ever space simulation hotel comes along! For this venture, SpaceGrime partnered with Space Pupper, a digital coin whose mission is to honor Laika, the first dog in space, and to ensure that animals can travel to space safely with their human companions. The hotel will be pet-friendly and simulate the idea of living in outer space. Almost after announcing the plans, the SpaceGrime team informed all holders that land and resources have already been secured. The Space Simulation Hotel is due to hold its inauguration ceremony in March 2023.

The First-of-its-Kind EcoSphere, a Sustainability Project

SpaceGrime’s vision isn’t limited to space or the present day. The latest plan involves the implementation and development of the world’s first EcoSphere. In a nutshell, the EcoSphere will focus on nurturing and sustaining food and vegetation to be grown in space-simulated conditions, in order to be taken into space in an effort to create self-sustained ecosystems that will ensure the survival of civilization in any condition.

From the second you find out about SpaceGrime, your curiosity will drive you to investigate the team’s identity. After all, they do have a clear and detailed plan so there’s no need to question what they have up their sleeves. To date, there’s been no public evidence to independently confirm the team behind SpaceGrime’s origins. There’s been a lot of speculation as to SpaceGrime’s real identity with major ties and indisputable timing in Elon Musk’s tweets, verbiage, and more. Could SpaceGrime be the newest brainchild of Elon and Grimes? Or could this be an experimental coin tested by none other than Satoshi himself? The rampant speculation and theories about their true identity continue to make waves.

SpaceGrime is making the future happen now, so let the future take hold and join SpaceGrime for an experience that transforms your world.

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