The Best Video Games Of The Year 2020




An atypical year due to an unexpected pandemic could only leave true gems in the world of video games. An industry that moves more money in Spain than cinema and music combined and that has shown its ability to stand out from crises by being a purely digital area.

This 2020 has allowed us to move towards new environments, it has opened the gaze towards more diverse and mature narratives , with proposals loaded with sensitivity and some impressive social phenomena. And a turning point with the arrival of the new generation of desktop consoles that has opened the door to quieter and more powerful machines.

PlayStation is used to closing the generations of consoles in style. If in 2013 technology left users with the existential and dystopian survival ” The Last of Us” ojiplatics , in this 2020 it has decided to fire PlayStation 4 with the sequel to the title , in which the player is dragged through a story of revenge capable of emotionally breaking down whoever holds the command.

During her development, an adult, self-sufficient, and wildly dark Ellie shares part of the burden with a new female character who will become her nemesis.

With an outstanding narrative and technical section, and a somewhat conservative, but exceedingly competent gameplay, the latest Naughty Dog monster is not only among the best of the year or of the generation. It is also one of the best video games ever.

The (long) wait has been worth it. It is one of the games that have been made the most to beg that they are remembered. Delays, controversies about the employment situation of its employees, tinkering here and there to achieve one of the most ambitious titles of the generation.

Ambitious and magnanimous in every way because the size of the playable map of Night City is immense and offers many hours to enjoy . And above all, thinking about the variety of missions to avoid boredom.

It gives off a lot of detail and is perfectly orchestrated to reproduce different action scenarios but maintaining the essence of role-playing games, which gives the player full freedom to customize their character.

The open-world play focuses on the adventures of “V”, the main character with thousands of customization options that allow each player to have their own identity within the game. “V” is an inhabitant of “Night City” a sordid and futuristic place where entire gangs clash to make their own by obtaining technologies and surviving.

The beginning of the story is based on this, “V” together with his best friend “Jackie” embark on a coup to obtain a prototype of a “biochip” that they must take from a large technology company.

With a script typical of the colossus Akira Kurosawa , from which it even draws the visual representation, the plot of this game takes place in 1274 in Tsushima, an island of the Japanese archipelago with great tradition.

Controlled in the 13th century by a clan that lasted until the Heian Period, it was an important commercial nerve center. But after the Mongol invasions of Japan, which were amplified by the second largest empire in history, trade relations were destroyed. It was a period full of tension where clan fights threatened its inhabitants.

The title, seasoned with great viscerality and millenary tradition, borrows elements from previous sagas such as Assassin’s Creed, while immersing the user in an exciting historical period where the flash of katanas and typical outfits are interspersed in the sequences. In fact, many of the interactive elements are similar. It is a great proposal that gives a lot of time to enjoy.

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