Top 5 Upcoming NFT Drops in December 2021 According To Survey Of 2000 NFT Experts




NFT is a short form for non-fungible tokens. It is a non-interchangeable and unique form of data that is stored on a digital ledger. However, it is nothing like bitcoin. As bitcoin can be exchanged for another bitcoin, the NFTs cannot be exchanged, as they represent a piece of digital media. This media can include art, text, videos, or even a bit of code. You can say the future of the Internet is here. With NFTs, we have entered web 3. O era. The trend of NFTs is growing continuously and at a pace that isn’t just a fad but something meaningful, that is unique and can represent real-world assets like art, real estate music, or in-game items.

NFTs are primarily released as drops, where a set number of media is uploaded on the NFT marketplace for purchasing. If the creator of the NFT has done a decent job in their drop promotion, then their NFT will be sold in minutes. The owner then would have the exclusive right to re-sell the NFT on any secondary market at its original or more than the original value. 

growing NFTs

There has been an increase in the collections of NFTs to choose from, With a rise in demand. However, we bring you the Top 5 Upcoming NFT Drops in December 2021, According To a Survey of 2000 NFT Experts.

  • Slotie NFT:

Sloties are the tickets to the biggest and fasted growing casino Network on the blockchain. It only allows 10,000 VIP members to be ever minted. With the introduction of Sloties, your entire casino ecosystem has changed. With the Sloties grant, the grant holder can access the new Defi Gambling, and this grant proves your ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the benefits of sloties aren’t just limited to that, but it also provides real-world benefits in over 150 casinos worldwide. Every slotie is unique with different degrees of rarity. And the treatment of the rarity of your slotie isn’t like the other NFTs. A slotie is more than just a collectible; its rarity can determine your revenue share. The rarer your slotie would be, the more the income you would generate. 


Another NFT that is dropping soon is HAPEBEAST. It is the form of “new art” and a fashion playground from the studio Digimental. The initial drop of HAPEBEAST NFT would be around 8,192 NFTs, each with unique characteristics that would bring and combine style technology and community. It is considered to be the next generation of fashion by the art director Matt Sypien. HAPEBEAST is expected to release in December. This NFT would be something entirely new where fashion would meet the digital trade. 

  • Chimp Club:

Now you can get your personalized chimp on the blockchain with Chimp club. Chimp club gives out the opportunity to have a collection of 10,000 unique Chimps that are handcrafted and are randomly assembled living on the Ethereum blockchain. With Chimp Club, you can get your personalized chimp with a unique body, hat, face, and outfit to fit your liking. It is a club that allows various personalities like artists, hackers, boomers, or gen Z to meet at the same platform. This metaverse allows you to be a part of a unique community online.

  • Melody NFT Update:

Melody’s NFT update is generated by Melody artificial intelligence. It allows you to get your very own unique music NFT. This melody experience allows you to experience and participate in building a new ecosystem specifically generated to assist music generation. The melody NFT update is for everyone from music creators looking for inspiration to start their music to Content creators who want to use certain music in their content. All you need to do is Pay and own the music.

  • Pat Morita NFT:

The Wise Mr. Miyagi in the kids series film “The Karate Kid” is turned into an NFT. Pat Morita NFT was created by the estate of Pat Morita in partnership with the MORE management. Working with brand owners, they will soon be releasing different Pat Morita-related NFTs. The official Pat Morita NFT collection will drop on December 10t 2021. 

growing NFTs  2


Who knew the day would come where something as small as a video could be so valuable. The NFT demand and trend has just started to rise, and it will continue to grow with the sale volume that was $2.5 Billion only in the first half of the year. The number in itself shows how fast the NFT trend is growing. NFT collection set has a wide array of categories; it can be anything from collectible cards to art forms or virtual video game spaces of short videos. Artists are making new NFT drops hour by hour, whereas the investors are looking for new collections.

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