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The Web Summit that took place in Lisbon a week ago brought together top cryptocurrency influencers and experts from all over the world in a two-day exhibition that covered the most recent topics in the Blockchain world: ecological impact of crypto mining, implication of central bank digital currencies, challenges of regulatory compliance, the role of stablecoins, Internet of Things, and much more. The attendees of the conference had a chance to witness more than 50 presentations, new product pitches, and discussions.

The first day of the conference was mostly filled with presentations of big-league speakers, well-known in the world of crypto. They included the representatives of Wallex Bank, B2Broker, Ripple, Bitestate, Coinswap, ELONGATE, Dubai Blockchain Center, Blockstream, IOTA Foundation, Polygon and this is just a small part of projects and companies whose spokesmen made their speeches on stage. The main topics that were covered during the first day of the conference included the discussion of the digital assets ecosystem, NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain games, institutional trends in crypto, identity blockchains, Blockchain Green Initiatives, a collision of Blockchain and IoT, the future of stablecoins.

The second day of the event took the form of an exhibition. Over 4000 crypto enthusiasts looking to build valuable connections shared their latest projects, startups, and ideas. It was actually surprising how willing people were to share their knowledge and connect with each other.

But the most intriguing and exciting talks took their place behind the scenes. There were two afterparties and both of them were filled with new acquaintances, verbal agreements between top crypto influencers, rumors, and insights. The most mysterious conversations were strictly private and we couldn’t get any particular details.

The first one was dedicated to the altcoin that is going to be announced in 2022. For now, we don’t have any specificities but lots of the most famous present altcoin industry representatives were involved in this discussion.

The second topic that touched off numerous rumors was dedicated to the upcoming investment project. From what we heard, the current “codename” of this project is inCore.Capital, the creator comes from Portugal and he has a reputation of brilliant trader. He stayed strictly anonymous and gathered around himself only certain privileged conference attendees. Those mostly included top crypto traders and after the event was over they also refused to provide any specifics. There’s definitely something big going on and we’re looking forward to hearing more about this project.

The COVID-19 outbreak closed the door on established processes of business relations development and the world has just started to recover. The World Crypto Summit Conference was one of the first events during the pandemic that brought cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts together in one place again. The atmosphere of the conference and the level of organization were outstanding and we are eagerly waiting for new crypto events from this host next year.

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