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To enjoy a healthy diet, you don’t just have to ‘surround yourself’ with solid foods that are beneficial for the body. You have to maintain good hydration not only by drinking water, but also natural fruit and vegetable juices .

Blenders are, in this sense, the perfect appliance to prepare these preparations. If a few months ago we made a comparison of centrifugal blenders , now we want to talk to you about the models that work through a slow extraction system .

Unlike the former, the latter neither integrate blades nor crush the food: they apply a pressing mechanism that crushes the fruits and vegetables to, in this way, extract much more juice . In addition, the nutrients and vitamins are better preserved, the taste is more natural, the oxidation is less …

Four slow extraction blenders have been selected.They are: Cecotec Juice & Live 3000 EasyClean (8.5), Create Ikohs Wondervit (7.75), Philips Avance HR1889 / 70 (8.75) and Russell Hobbs Slow Juicer 25170-56 (9).

The analysis of different criteria has allowed each one to receive a final average evaluation. These criteria include:

  • Finishing of the appliance: how is its construction and the materials selected for its manufacture. Do they guarantee its resistance and durability?
  • Design: this criterion must also be taken into account, mainly due to a question of space. Ideally, the size should be as compact as possible.
  • Noise level: ideally, the blender should make as little noise as possible for two reasons, comfort of use and to avoid disturbing those around you while you use it.
  • Cleaning: although all blenders have parts suitable for the dishwasher, above all the manual cleaning of accumulated dirt has been valued and whether it comes off easily or not.
  • Juice flavor and texture: how does the juice taste? And its texture? How much juice do you get?

Throughout these last few weeks, we have used these four slow extraction blenders with different vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, celery, cucumber, carrots, pears, oranges, pineapples, mangoes.

In this way, we have verified their operation, how they cope with the different foods chosen, if they are noisy and how easy or difficult it is to remove accumulated remains of dirt. By the way, if you have never used an appliance with these characteristics before, it is advisable to follow the indications and recommendations in its manual the first few times.

The slow extraction blender that has been the winner is the Russell Hobbs Slow Juicer 25170-56 with a final average rating of 9. The fruit and vegetable juices that you can prepare with it seem the best to us and you can also exchange their filters and choose between three options, one of which is specific for slushies. Its noise level is low and manually cleaning its parts is easy.

It features a brushed stainless steel finish for a quality look and durability. Its sticky base also leaves good impressions and another detail that we liked is that the nozzle through which it expels the juice comes with a practical and effective anti-drip system.

With a relatively compact size, the power button is located at the rear: from this same control, and by holding it down for a few moments, what you do is activate its reverse rotation function in the event of a traffic jam. In our tests, we never had to use it. It also includes a reset button located in this same area.

The blender, which has a power of 150 watts, offers good performance because it extracts a large amount of juice and is accompanied by three filters that are easily exchanged , in case you like a more or less liquid texture: one is a fine filter , the other is thicker and the third is for slushies.

You will also find two jugs, one for the liquid and one for the pulp (the latter you have to place on the left side). Compared to its competitors, it is the least noisy. Cleaning the pieces can be done in the dishwasher, although if you prefer you can also do it by hand. You can help yourself with the brush included in its box.

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