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Many of the cars that are consumed in Mexico already have something called a trip computer installed in the factory, which offers the driver relevant information about the vehicle, including precisely the fuel consumption. In the cars precisely there are various controls, especially on the steering wheel where we will have to look for the information and which will be seen within the cluster of instruments.

Many of the data shown on the screen may not be the real one , but it is an approximate more or less of the consumption that we could be having in our vehicle, since it all depends on the handling and how we are taking care of the fuel consumption. We recommend: Are you looking for a car?

These are the cheapest 2021 models in Mexico What does the gasoline consumption of a car depend on? A clear example is that consumption in the city is not the same as on the road, which is why the data sheets also show the average consumption in the city, road and mixed per kilometer.

Therefore, if we know how much fuel our car consumes, we can modify our way of driving and even check if our car has a mechanical problem for which it consumes more fuel than it should, gasoline consumption depends on many other factors such as type and condition of the vehicle, speed at which it is driven, if it brakes or accelerates abruptly, tire pressure, among others.

But how to know the real consumption of my vehicle? Two simple equations can be used: 1. ( Kilometers traveled / Liters of gasoline ) = Kilometers traveled per liter of gasoline 2. ( Liters of gasoline / Kilometers traveled ) = Liters of gasoline consumed per kilometer For example: (20 liters of gasoline / 100 kilometers traveled) = 0.2 liters of gasoline consumed per kilometer, that is, 200 ml of fuel.

If we want to know correctly the result of this formula, you must follow the following method. We recommend you… Treasury returns fiscal stimulus to Magna gasolineCofece fines Interjet and Alejandro del Valle for not notifying concentration 1) Fill the gas tank Calculating gasoline consumption is easier if we fill the tank, as it is more noticeable when it goes down while we are using our vehicle.

Before starting this test, we have to consider that the fuel tank must be almost empty , when filling it we will know how many liters entered it by checking the dispenser pump, which will be one of the important data to review.

2) Odometer in zeros The odometer or kilometer counter can be manipulated manually if it is mechanically or electronically with a button, this is precisely the one that will indicate how many kilometers we will travel with a fuel tank. Since it indicates the kilometers traveled and what speed the car is going .

So it will measure the distance traveled, proportionally to how much gasoline you have. When the tank is full, if the car does not have the option to resume the odometer, the mileage number can be written down, this figure will be your starting number.

And to know your route, you must subtract the final mileage with which you wrote down in the beginning, so you will know how much you traveled with a tank of fuel. This must be done until the fuel tank is empty and with these data we will know exactly how much the consumption was.

We recommend: Tesla invests 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin; ready to sell cars with cryptocurrency We have to remember that more and more automotive brands offer cars with better performance and consumption, and customers have become much more demanding in this regard.

How to improve fuel consumption? Avoid using air conditioning. Drive at a constant speed. Use the brake as little as possible. Don’t overload your car. Check your tire pressure. Replace your engine air filter.

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