Bitcoin Cash Collectibles RPG Blockchain Game Built on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Completes Flipstarter Business Plan




Shortly, a non-fungible token collectable game is getting to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem. The project called (Enter the Sphere) points to take its NFT collectable universe to BCH by leveraging the Simple Ledger Protocol. In the previous week, the team following the project successfully cultivated 101 BCH equal to $24,000 to kickstart the NFT adventure.

Over the previous year, several software engineers entreated the Simple Ledger Protocol which enables the production of permissionless tokens on the Bitcoin Cash network. Following then, over 15,500 tokens have been produced, and many Simple Ledger Protocol tokens have accumulated real-world price.

Visuals from the expected Bitcoin Cash-based RPG (Enter the Sphere) a card game that leverages the SLP.

Presently that the Bitcoin Cash developed is over, and behind the association, enthusiasts and developers can get back to making innovative on-chain plans. One notable project named (Enter the Sphere) or the Sphere for small, plans to propose Non-Fungible Token collectables to the Bitcoin Cash chain.

Moreover, the Sphere is a collectable RPG card game developed on Simple Ledger Protocol Non-Fungible Token technology, where entrants battle to climb The Tower and sit on The Royalty, describes the team’s lately completed Flipstarter business strategy. Just one player or team wins each cycle with the award.

The producer notes that they desired to bring the first polished use-case for NFTs to BCH and started the Flipstarter funding program to take inauguration.

The Flipstarter business plan points that roughly sone week ago the developers finished the funding of 101 Bitcoin Cash ($24K) which originated from a myriad of Bitcoin Cash supporters who donated.

As the game review shows, the Sphere will be a role-playing game struggle game but also have battle royale and poker machinists. Additionally, to the Flipstarter business strategy, the team also has a formal Telegram course.

Plus, three weeks ago, the co-founder of the Spice token (ST) and a director of the Simple Ledger Protocol Foundation, Joey_B_Wong, printed a complete summary of the Sphere game and practice. The editorial was printed on the interpretation. Cash blogging program addresses the Sphere’s core game and presents a video sample also.

Furthermore, the three-minute video provides a unique visible perspective of the Sphere game developed on BCH and things to develop. Wong’s blog post identifies that the game will also interject a new token named ORB, a Simple Ledger Protocol Token, which would play a significant role in the ecosystem.

Similarly, Wong continued that the ORB token would also work synergistically with Spice that is a previously well-adopted token. Likewise, as the blog post reveals that the team expects to have the pre-alpha variant of the game ready by the upcoming Christmas event.

At the time, the Sphere game creators are watching for play testers and feedback. Besides, the Spice token co-founder also stated that the game would enable gamers to save and switch tokens as well as let members purchase and sell unique avatars and objects.

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