Mazimatic raises the bar of play to earn (P2E) through NFTs, metaverse and blockchain technology




Web3 has become the dominating force and is ruling across every industry. It is establishing its presence with cryptocurrency serving as the fuel of the entire ecosystem. Needless to say, various categories like finance, art and real estate are getting disrupted via their web3 counterparts. One such booming sector that has become beneficial from web3 and blockchain technology is online gaming and casinos. Among several interesting projects, Mazimatic is by far one of the most anticipated works in this space.

What is Mazimatic?

Mazimatic is a revolutionary maiden project launching in this vertical. The token that will be powering this project is the Mazimatic token. The project envisions creating an advanced gaming and entertainment platform. The project aims to provide various venues for users to play and earn via various games. The Mazimatic platform will also encompass NFT collections and different virtual worlds for unlimited entertainment like Casinoverse, Influencerverse, Adventureverse and Partyverse. The project is said to launch in different phases. The first 3 items of the project that will be launched are Mazimatic tokens, Casinoverse and the NFTs for the casinoverse. The other metaverses will be launched subsequently over a scheduled period. Backed by blockchain experts having tremendous experience in the fintech industry, Mazimatic will be the first of its kind virtual world for casino players. While other platforms provide regular gaming services, Mazimatic goes the extra mile to make the entire experience enriching. The project envisions a virtual lifestyle for every player inside this alternate universe.

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