Top 3 IDO Crypto Launchpads to Watch in June 2022: ProjectStarter, Unicrypt, and Binance




Launchpads, which give both small and large cryptocurrency projects access to a pool of investors looking for the next big thing, are gradually taking the place of hubs in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Examples of such projects include games, metaverses, and move-to-earn apps.

Everybody can invest in and profit from this developing market thanks to new launchpads and their ability to connect like-minded people and enthusiastic developers together.

What is a launchpad

Crypto Launchpads, also referred to as incubators, are websites that let decentralized cryptocurrency projects raise money by offering a portion of the token supply for sale at a reduced price.

Launchpads fulfill two fundamental needs: investors get the chance to purchase, in their opinion, undervalued tokens, and decentralized crypto projects acquire capital to fund marketing and development.

A launchpad typically earns money by keeping a certain percentage of the project’s total revenue as payment for its services and to cover operating costs.

Launchpads to keep an eye on 


 A market leader, ProjectStarter is a rising and evolving launchpad platform. It has brought “PulSaR” to the market, making it the world’s first crypto hub.

The SG-based company’s objective is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain projects available to anyone who wants to get involved at an early stage. The launchpad offers a platform for obtaining allocations for new tokens (IDO, IGO, IEO) or NFT Pre-Sales.

In addition to staking for access to IDO presales, their PSR token can be used for other purposes. It can also be used in a complex ecosystem that is supported by three reliable utility pillars: “Wealth Accumulation,” “Crypto Commerce,” and “Lifestyle & Entertainment.”

Numerous cryptocurrency initiatives are expected to be launched this year, and ProjectStarter’s Crypto Launchpad and Utility Pillars will place them at the forefront of this exciting trend.


There is a unique decentralized launchpad within the Unicrypt ecosystem. The Unicrypt team has forged a number of third-party alliances that will help with a wide range of new cryptocurrency project-related aspects, acting concurrently as an incubator where projects can get feedback and counsel.

They currently support Ethereum, Avalanche, BSc, xDai, and Polygon, five different blockchains, on their launchpad. Through a straightforward self-custodial wallet connection within their launchpad, users can mint and launch their own tokens.


With over $120 million raised and 3.5 million unique users, Binance’s launchpad, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, is a successful launch platform.

Although Binance has only ever launched 64 different projects, each one is carefully screened to ensure the security of the platform’s users. STEPN is a recent example of a successful launch, having recently raised over 8,500 BNB ($3.5m).

Among the many benefits of launching on Binance are exposure to millions of unique Binance users and extremely high liquidity on your project’s trading pairs.




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