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The writing is literally on the wall and can be found at the entrance’s welcome desk of ‘The Hub’ – as it’s known to many of the residents. This brand new space located on Level 2 of Bellerive House Carany Wharf, London, is the meeting place for everything Blockchain, DLT, Web 3 and pretty much anything Tech related! It reads: “We want a culture that is INCLUSIVE of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to SUCCEED AND GROW – Nellie Borrero.” 

During Token 2049, The DLT Lounge, housed two days of busy networking events which included speakers from TOKEN 2049 and numerous institutional attendees:

-Paul-Adrien Lamoureux – SENTR3
-Antoine Loth – CEO & Co-Founder of VALK
-Sebastien Borget – Founder & COO of The SandBox
-Mohamed Ezeldin – Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands
-Sebastian Widmann – Head of Strategy at Komainu
-Maruerite de Tavernost – Ledger’s Cathay Innovation Fund
-Vigile Audi – Mubadala Capital
-Juliette Souliman – Portage Ventures
-Zane Glauber – Head of Strategic Opportunities at Galaxy

-Jacob Palmstierna – CEO at GSR

Jacob Palmstierna, CEO at GSR and Janine Subgang, Head of Strategy and Community, DLT Lounge
The engaging panellists were centre stage, whilst the Founders of The DLT Lounge, Oscar Kaplan and Mehmet Mehmet buzzed in and out.
The ‘synchronicity’ of Kaplan and Mehmet was amplified during their servitude within the British Army Cadets, and the solidity of their 25-year friendship.
The DLT story started when Kaplan and Mehmet raised modest capital by trading the markets out of a small office in a container village in Hackney.  This extended to the local community, and beyond, as the inspired residents sought to adopt their trading strategies.
The love of their local community was the inspiration to create an inclusive community driven by everyone seeking a ‘tech home’.
Co-founder of the DLT Lounge, Oscar Kaplan, received rapturous applause after saying “It was the selling my virtual land holdings within The Sandbox, that provided the much-needed funding for the DLT Lounge.”

“This funding allowed the DLT Lounge to grow with its expansive community,” he says.

Oscar Kaplan, Co-founder, DLT lounge; Sebastien Norget, Founder and COO the Sandbox and Mehmet Mehmet, Co-founder,DLT Lounge
The hub continues to grow, currently boasting 50 of the most innovative Web3 companies with over 200 employees and working residents.
Head of Strategy & Community for DLT Lounge, Janine Subgang, says: “The DLT Lounge has fast become London’s most creative and innovative Web3 hub.”
The DLT Lounge embodies a creative workplace that fosters collaboration through its extensive networks that provide education via lectures, technical workshops and lunch and learns through in house experts for the Ethereum Foundation to people of several professions ranging from creatives. such as Artists, Gamers and musicians to other Top-End developers, coders, mathematicians, and parliamentary attendee problem solvers. All inclusively learning and working to solve problems and find their unique niche(s).

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