Utopia Avatars Announces The Launch Of Their NFT collection, Before Its Debut




In a deal led and managed by Asterius VC, the Utopia Group, which was formed by Alejandro Saez, Eva Longoria, Maria Bravo, and Javier Garcia, has announced the closure of a €10 million round. This investment is being used to launch Utopia Avatars, the company’s first collection of NFTs. 

Through this vertical, Utopia presents a highly comprehensive plan based on real-world services, the metaverse, a community fund connected to IRL (In Real Life), and charitable giving to expand and adda means of expanding and adding value to the community.

In order to convey the principles of diversity and inclusiveness via their art, Utopia Avatars will have 9,922 NFTs handcrafted on the Ethereum blockchain and minted.

It will also provide value for the holders, who will get access to a variety of advantages by purchasing these NFTs. It is important to emphasise how tangible many of them are in everyday life and how they improve the lives of individuals who have them. 

The value proposition of Utopia Avatars focuses on providing its owners with an experience based on both real and virtual places.

The creators of this project got together to create creative projects and secure philanthropic pledges, believing in the ability of Web3 and the blockchain to innovate and give birth to the formation of communities that make up an ethical and sustainable ecosystem. 

The principles of openness, creativity, and generosity will serve as the foundation for the growth of this community.

Bravo, Maria “The opportunities are endless; we hope to build one of the most influential communities in the world where traceability and trust reign, connecting philanthropists, brands, and businesses that use the power of the blockchain to create awareness. 

They want to do so to build a world more ethical and responsible with our partner in real-world businesses, a community with a great passion for spreading kindness and compassion where it is most needed.”

Utopia Avatars will be a collection of 3D art tokens made accessible to the metaverse to build bridges between the virtual and real worlds. 

It also provides more comprehensive and tangible time travel services and lifelong advantages that will be made clear once the project is launched.

According to Nino Saez, co-founder of Utopia Avatars, this round is a terrific opportunity to access a market that is not yet at its peak but has unquestionably brought with it a technology that will last forever. 

Sáez in the market for NFT Since it is unusual for an NFT collection to obtain such funding from a Venture Capital firm before even launching, which is a major message of our devotion to it and vision for many years, this news is a call to be taken into account in the space.

Another unique feature of the Utopia Avatars is that each one may be utilised in the metaverse, where they can participate in other metaverses and become what the business calls “Utopian Citizens” within the Utopia metaverse.

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