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With the development of technology, several game genres that let you make money have emerged. The Axie Infinity game is one of the money-making ones. However, let me first explain what Axie Infinity is. How does it function? as well as further inquiries.

Axie Infinity: What Is It?

Axie Infinity, one of the first blockchain games built on the metaverse, makes use of NFTs and the Play-to-Earn concept. In other words, Axie Infinity is a marketplace where you can purchase digital pets called Axies. Use these Axies in combat after that, and explore; do the same with more Axies.

It is powered by the cryptocurrency Ethereum and was created by the game firm Sky Mavis. Despite the game’s 18+ classification, there is no age verification procedure. Younger kids find it intriguing, though.

To begin playing, you must first use Ethereum to buy three Axies. These initial Axies may be purchased using cryptocurrencies worth up to $1,500 or £1,115. Thanks to Axie’s efforts on a more cheap version, the game may someday be available for free download and play in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You may link Sky Mavis’s own digital wallet, called Ronin, to Axie Infinity. Once connected, you may purchase Axies using your Ronin wallet.

Strategies For Playing The Game

The game has two fundamental tactics, each of which necessitates the search for a different resource.

Smooth Love Potion, or SLP, is one. You may earn SLP by taking on daily objectives, participating in arena battles, and playing adventure games. SLP, a resource that is available in unlimited quantities, is needed to breed Axies.

ASX tokens serve as the other resource. The Ethereum token AXS is. AXS token owners have the power to manage the game’s governance, allowing them to determine how it will advance. They could even be able to buy out Sky Mavis and take over the game’s whole economy if things continue in this direction.

Players may also purchase virtual land parcels in the game’s Lunacia setting.

Axies may be exchanged for AXS tokens in-game or earned by selling your Axies. These can then be changed for fiat money, such as the pound sterling.

NFTs And Axies

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, include Axies. Non-fungible is the definition of irreplaceable. If you purchase an NFT, you receive the special URL that describes it. Even if someone were able to screen-record the image of your NFT, it couldn’t be replicated because of its unique data identification.

Axie Infinity gives you, as the NFT’s owner, the ability to manage that character even while you’re not actively playing.

You should be familiar with a few terminologies related to the Play-to-Earn game. To completely comprehend the following words, take a quick look at them.

Value Variation

You must remember that if the game fails or the value of NFTs and Ethereum decreases, Sky Mavis is not liable for your loss.

Age Limitations

There are no age limitations for players, despite the game being rated for users 18 and older. Metamask also permits them to play the game if they let their kids play who are under the age of 18.

An Overview Of The News

The video game Axie Infinity is pay-to-win.

It utilises Ethereum.


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