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MacAndro has come upon with an announcement that their new business model is cryptocurrency exchange app development. Being a reputed mobile app development company, we are committed to offer advanced crypto based mobile app development services with appealing UI/UX design.  

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange App?

Initially cryptocurrency exchange app is an application especially developed for mobile devices or for iPad’s through which you can sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies. These applications assets the business people for those who want to trade professionally and work with other currencies.  

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

  1. The significant benefit of utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is decentralization. It is decentralized of the financial system. Hence, it is simple for the owners as well as app users to manage the database.
  2. There is less possibility for system hacking since there is an absence of centralized control. It makes the app owners to attain security patches through this.
  3. Every cryptocurrency investors have a mobile-first approach, hence, it is always a great business notion to build a cryptocurrency exchange app.
  4. The users are seeking for one stop application in form of application. This is because, blockchain technology is new and there exist very few trusted resources.
  5. The other amazing perk of cryptocurrency app is money exchange feature. This permit the users to exchange money each other even in roaming.
  6. The cryptocurrency future is also a huge benefit in form of the emerging trends and ahead of the contention.

Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange App:

  1. Sign in/Sign up
  2. Withdrawal/Deposit
  3. Powerful admin panel
  4. Authentic cryptocurrency transaction
  5. Smooth interaction b/w users.
  6. Impeccable cryptocurrency trade
  7. Unparalleled UI/UX
  8. End-to-End transaction record history
  9. Two-factor authentication
  10. Multiple payment options
  11. Automated trading bot
  12. Ease platform
  13. Push notification
  14. Live price of cryptocurrencies

Our Advanced Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Jail Login – Protects by blocking failed login attempts for a fixed time from unauthorized access.

HTTP Authentication – Highly secured HTTP authentication tokens.

Encrypted Data – Protects user’s credentials and other information.

Escrow System: Cryptocurrencies are exchange between buyers and sellers using trusted third party or smart contract.

CSRF Protection:It protects from unwanted user’s action and state changing request.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS): Protect the exchange transaction from unusual traffic from other multiple resources.

SSRF protection: Prevents internal system from the attack of open web applications.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection:  Your site is free from attack with the HTTP request ensuring hidden data

Get our Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Services:
Being a reputed and recognized cryptocurrency exchange app development company, MacAndro offers quality driven and high secured cryptocurrency exchange app development services for the business people who looks to kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange business on this highly evolving crypto industry.

Our Ready Crypto Solutions:

Check out our popular cryptocurrency exchange clone script and pick one to start your own crypto exchange platform.

  • LocalBitcoins Clone app
  • Binance Clone app
  • Remitano Clone app
  • Paxful Clone app

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