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Tezos, a popular blockchain platform, has been making waves in the crypto industry with a series of developments, partnerships, and initiatives to further the adoption of the Tezos crypto coin. In this news digest, we’ll cover three major news stories related to Tezos, including the recent ‘Mumbai’ upgrade, Google Cloud’s partnership with Tezos, and Tezos’ plan to give away 3,200 NFTs at the upcoming India Art Fair.

Tezos Blockchain to Achieve Over 1 Million Transactions per Second with ‘Mumbai’ Upgrade

Tezos, one of the most popular blockchain platforms, has activated its “Mumbai” upgrade, enhancing the network’s ability to process transactions. Thanks to this upgrade, Tezos can now process over a million transactions per second, making it one of the world’s fastest blockchain platforms.

According to the Tezos Foundation, the Mumbai upgrade features a new consensus algorithm, facilitating faster block creation and validation times. This has significantly increased the network’s capacity to handle more transactions in less time. Additionally, the upgrade has introduced several other improvements to the platform, including better support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enhancements to its smart contract language.

With the Mumbai upgrade, Tezos has taken a significant step towards becoming a viable competitor to popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Solana. Tezos’ increased transaction speed and capacity make it an attractive option for enterprise-level clients, including financial institutions and supply chain management companies. This move is part of Tezos’ ongoing efforts to advance the adoption of the Tezos crypto coin and push the limits of what is possible with blockchain technology.

Google Cloud becomes Tezos validator in the latest push into Web3

Google Cloud has announced that it will collaborate with the Tezos Foundation to become a validator, solidifying Tezos’ position in the blockchain industry. This partnership is significant as it brings Tezos closer to mass adoption, with Google Cloud’s vast resources and expertise available to help attract more enterprise-level clients. Additionally, startups building on the Tezos platform will be eligible to receive free server space and mentorship from Google Cloud, a significant incentive for new developers.

The move is part of Google Cloud’s commitment to Web3, as it recently formed its digital assets and Web3 team and unveiled its Blockchain Node Engine. Tezos will benefit greatly from this collaboration, as Google Cloud will help maintain the Tezos blockchain and assist corporate clients in developing Web3 applications on the platform. With this collaboration, Tezos is poised to compete with other popular blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum and Solana, in serving enterprise-level clients, including financial institutions and supply chain management companies.

Tezos to Gift 3,200 NFTs at the Upcoming India Art Fair

The Tezos Foundation is taking steps to promote the adoption of Tezos and NFTs with a groundbreaking giveaway of 3,200 NFTs at the India Art Fair. This move is aimed at introducing the concept of NFTs to a broader audience and showcasing the capabilities of the Tezos blockchain in the art world. The giveaway will take place through a unique auction mechanism that allows collectors to bid on the NFTs using the Tezos crypto coin.

This significant development for Tezos positions the platform as a viable option for the art world, which has been increasingly turning to NFTs as a way to authenticate and sell digital art. But that’s not all. The Tezos Foundation is sponsoring a series of talks and panel discussions at the India Art Fair, focusing on the intersection of blockchain technology and the art world.

The talks will feature experts from various fields, including art, blockchain technology, and finance. This addition to the India Art Fair is expected to draw in more visitors and exhibitors globally. The Tezos Foundation is excited to be part of the India Art Fair and to showcase its blockchain technology to a larger audience.

Good News For Tezos Coin Holders

These partnerships, developments, and initiatives have further solidified Tezos’ position in the blockchain industry and have positioned it as a viable competitor to other popular blockchain platforms. With its focus on sustainability, security, and innovation, Tezos is well-positioned to play a leading role in the development of Web3 and the Internet of the future. Surely, that is good news for holders of the Tezos crypto coin.

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