The Volume Of NFT Sales Increased A Little This Week




The value of non-fungible token (NFT) transactions increased somewhat during the last week, with $658.4 million recorded NFT transactions, up 3.35 percent in seven days. Polygon-based NFT deals showed the highest increase in volume this week, jumping 106.68 percent out of 15 blockchains. In addition, an NFT collection dubbed Moonbirds had the highest deal volume over the last seven days, bringing in $231.9 million.

Week After Week, NFT Sales Record A Slight Increase

NFT deals volume figured out how to increment marginally this week, as deals hopped 3.35% higher than last week’s deals. The deals volume originating from 15 unique blockchain networks saw $658.4 million in deals this previous week. Seven days prior, on April 10, deals volume the week earlier had dropped by 13%.

This week, Ethereum received $562.9 million in transactions, up 3.74 percent from the previous week. Polygon had the highest deal volume rate increase of any of the 15 blockchains compared to the previous week, jumping 106.68 percent with $7.3 million in transactions. This week, BSC-based NFT deals increased by 58.89 percent, while Arbitrum-based NFT deals increased by 30.74 percent. Wax blockchain NFT transactions were down 39.92 percent in the last seven days, totaling $2.2 million.

The NFT assortment catching the current week’s top deals volume was Moonbirds, as the NFT assortment kept $231.9 million in deals volume. The second-biggest deals volume originated from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) assortment, as it saw $26.8 million.

MAYC was trailed by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) deals, which assembled $22.8 million in deals over the most recent seven days. Other outstanding assortments that caused it into the main ten NFT assortments by week-by-week deal volume to incorporate gatherings like Azuki, Cryptopunks, Clonex, Imposter Genesis, MOAR, Beanz, and Doodles individually.

Measurements further show that the current week’s top NFT deal was Cryptopunk 7756, which sold for 1,050 ether or $3.2 million at settlement. Exhausted Ape Yacht Club 8537 sold for 200.69 ether or $604,854, and Azuki 9759 was sold for 195.3 wrapped ether (WETH) or $579,214.

Those three NFTs addressed 0.672% of the $658.4 million in NFT deals volume during the most recent seven days. The top fragmentary NFT projects by market valuation incorporate primate punk (APE$) worth $3 million, irate doge (ANFD) with $1.99 million, and classical zombie shards (ZOMB) is valued at $1.27 million today.

Today’s most costly floor cost is held by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT assortment, which has a story cost of 103.5 ETH at the hour of composing. BAYC’s floor esteem is trailed by PROOF Collective (78 ETH), Cryptopunks (63.69 ETH), Bored Ape Chemistry Club (34.33 ETH), and Azuki (26.5 ETH).

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