Weekly Performances of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, And Other Famous Cryptocurrencies




The first week of this month has been amazing for crypto investors. Finally, the crypto market witnessed some positive changes after a long-term crash. The majority of the significant cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have observed a fascinating jump of more than 10% during the bull market.

For instance, several other high-performing cryptocurrencies, Centcex, Bitgert, and Dogecoin, have been bullish this week with a rapid increase in their prices. Now, let’s discuss the trends followed by some top cryptocurrencies during this very first week of February.


Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that Bitcoin has been the greatest cryptocurrency of the bull market. However, it has been witnessing a decline for the last several weeks. But finally comes out of that crumbling state, and its worth is enhanced now.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that after so many days, Bitcoin was posting a jump of 10% in a day. We can say that Bitcoin was doing well and relatively stable at writing; it was dealing at above $41k.


Ethereum is another famous cryptocurrency and performed amazingly during this week. When it comes to the last bull market, Ethereum’s recording was more than 10%. It is also important to highlight here that the team of Ethereum is trying their best to make their blockchain way better.

Currently, they are working on upgrading their blockchain. Hopefully, after this upgrade, the Ethereum blockchain will become one of the greatest blockchains in the world.


Dogecoin is also a big name in the crypto world, and in the year 2022, crypto enthusiasts will have high expectations of it. During the bull market, Dogecoin posted over 10%, which depicts the vast potential that this cryptocurrency carries.

In addition, there is a bundle of things going on at Dogecoin, such as the recent Tesla acceptance that contributes majorly to elevating the fame of this cryptocurrency.


When it comes to the bull market conditions best performances ranking, Bitgert is included. In addition to this week, the performance of Bitgert has been spectacular. It is more than the market’s surging prices, which made this coin bullish.

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