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The 123swap platform is a perfectly decentralized financial ecosystem that allows Peer-to-peer exchange of crypto assets. It provides easy and transparent access and affordable solutions for change, revenue, and investment management, all without intermediaries. The platform intends to be a cryptocurrency exchange system that generates as little slippage as possible.

The 123swap platform offers a wide range of multi-channel DeFi solutions in Blockchain Resources:

➢ Exchange

➢ Staking

Yield farming

NFT minting

The cross-chain value exchange mechanism allows platform users negotiate with each other directly through a peer-to-peer chain.

The platform offers unparalleled services and aims for maximum security, simplicity, and convenience. It allows customers to explore all exchange offers collected from significant cryptocurrency exchanges in one place.

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The platform strives to create a strong community of owners. The community members will make important decisions with a matching voting system, be it team token or advisory token, lock duration, etc.

The manual process of swap is antiquated and time-consuming. The platform will automate and accelerate the trading process using smart contracts.

Thanks to the cross-chain smart contract, it will provide intelligent, autonomous financial management in one place. The platform will

Promote decentralized financial management with smart contracts.

123swap has created technologies to help the platform beat the competition, be faster and become the best swapping platform globally.

What makes 123swap A highly preferred platform?

123swap gathers unfounded liquidity from large decentralized exchanges: guaranteeing the best rates and speed to its users. Ultimately, the platform aims to save traders time, money, and resources.

Simple and Confident

  • No account registration, deposits, wrapped tokens, return tokens, or other complex setup requirements.
  • No additional transaction fees.
  • Smart order routing split the transaction on the DECENTRALIZED exchange networks to be filled with the lowest slippage possible.

Non Custodial

  • The platform uses Liquidity software that supports the authorization of the user’s wallet. Therefore, users only have access to the asset they place in trade.
  • To ensure the security of funds, 123swap does not store end-users private keys outside their device.

24/7 online support

  • Day and night, the 123swap support team is always ready to help users and solve their problems.
  • The team is made up of highly qualified specialists who provide technical support and information.

Automatic calculations

  • 123swap does all the calculations for its users, including APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and P&L (Profit and Loss).
  • This way, it is easier for traders not to spend a lot of time on Excel spreadsheets.

The platform key differientor

Below are the main features/functions of the 123swap platform that make it unique and one of its kind:

Visualise the swap in a whole new way

  • It helps to see the number of transactions in real-time. It will help the user to make a better decision by analyzing all the values used to calculate the transaction.

Arbitrage possibilities

  • 123swap is always looking for the best prices on the market for trading and allows traders to carry out arbitrage.


  • Traders can choose from the 500+ available liquidity.
  • Pools cross-chain (Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many more).
  • Controlled community, Strong community owners, complete control of the community on the platform.
  • Automatic trade, such as uniswap or pancakes
  • Swap, but with a limit order, stop-limit orders, and various other automated possibilities.

123swap token value capture

  • 75% of the transaction fees are refunded to the owners of the 123swap signal via a mastering mechanism. The remaining 25% will be sent to a token holder-controlled community development fund.

Access to multiple trading pairs

  • 123swap platform users/traders can get all trading pairs they need.

Oracle Liquidity DEX 123swap (DLO)

  • A platform that solves liquidity inefficiencies.


123swap provides an ecosystem of products and services that enable customers to exchange, own, send, receive, earn, invest, borrow and lend tokens across multiple chains.

The platform developed its way of trading cryptocurrencies to get rid of problems like complicated user interface, hidden costs, tedious registration, etc., and simplifies the end-users whole process.

Visit https://123swap.finance/

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