A Metaverse Alliance Is Achieved By The Argentine Football League Following Their World Cup Victory



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A new metaverse relationship is already benefiting Argentina’s national football association thanks to Argentina’s World Cup victory in Qatar.

Through an official license deal between the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the Silicon Valley-based company, the nation’s professional football league will make the first step into Upland’s metaverse.

As part of the agreement, the AFA will integrate the Liga Profesional de Ftbol (LPF) into Upland’s metaverse platform, enabling fan interaction between Argentine soccer supporters, clubs, and players.

The gamified chances are said to contain a range of digital treasures related to Argentine football, such as teams, clubs, players, tickets, game highlights, historical events, and other special deals.

Additionally, the relationship marks a first for Upland in that it grants exclusive ownership of highlight films of key moments from LPF matches. 

Users will be able to purchase, sell, and exchange authorised digital assets due to the sale of a variety of nonfungible tokens (NFT), which will open up a new revenue stream for the Argentine top-flight league.

Users of Upland will also be able to launch virtual companies to resell LPF digital collectibles in user-owned and controlled stores situated on virtual properties. 

A digital recreation of the real world is being created via the metaverse platform to enable asset creation, digital land ownership, and a virtual economy.

Following Upland’s agreements with FIFA and FC Porto, a top-flight soccer team in Portugal, the Argentine Football Association was the next to sign a deal. 

Following the latter arrangement, Upland provided officially licensed digital collectibles for the Qatar 2022 World Cup that featured moments from the most recent competition.

In recent years, there has been a rising interdependence between the sports industry, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. In August 2022, Formula 1 registered trademarks for NFT- and cryptocurrency-powered goods and services, while teams like McLaren and Red Bull Racing investigated their Web3 and NFT offered this season.

Though the market has been difficult this year, the fan token platform Socios has grown nonetheless. By signing a sponsorship agreement for the 2022 season with Manchester City, the current English Premier League winners, cryptocurrency exchange OKX has also increased its marketing efforts.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of Portugal, also made his way into the Web3 world thanks to an exclusive agreement with Binance that allowed him to launch several NFT collections throughout a multiyear contract.

Additionally, users can launch their own online stores to resell LPF digital collectibles in user-run stores on virtual properties through Upland.

With the production of assets, a virtual economy, and digital land ownership in mind, the metaverse platform is building a virtual world. The arrangement with the Argentine Football Association was made possible by Upland’s collaborations with FIFA and FC Porto, a premier soccer team in Portugal.

In accordance with the second agreement, Upland provided authorised digital collectibles that included video clips from the recently finished World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Meanwhile, despite difficult market circumstances, the fan token platform Socios has kept growing this year.

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