The Community’s First-Ever Governance Vote Will Result In The Release Of Season 8 Of The Top Blockchain Game




A well-known blockchain game’s eighth season is set to launch, and for the first time ever, players were able to vote on governance.

Additionally, one startup claims that nonfungible tokens are frequently disregarded as an asset class.

According to Blockchain Cuties Universe, reputable, long-standing collections are more likely to have their NFTs’ worth hold up over time.

BCU contends that the project fits this description, given that it calls itself one of the pioneers of the blockchain gaming sector.

On the Ethereum blockchain, the game first went live in April 2018, and three months later, collectible NFTs were added.

At present, BCU has been implemented on Polygon, EOS, TRON, NEO, and HECO, in addition to other blockchain networks.

Since the beginning of the NFT gaming scene, according to Blockchain Cuties Universe, the company has been active in it and is keeping up with the market’s rapid growth through innovation.

The platform, for instance, just hosted its first-ever governance event.

The seventh season of the game has officially come to an end, and players were given the option of how it should end and what should happen next.

Players utilized the Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance token to cast their votes. People who carried more BCUG in their pockets had a more substantial influence on the result.

Blockchain Cuties Universe claims that this DeFi-driven strategy is significantly more transparent and gives players who spend the most time playing the game a chance to influence its direction.

What’s Next

When the schedule for season eight of the blockchain game was revealed earlier in July, we got a taste of what BCU has in store.

Each season, which lasts for around three months and unlocks new stuff for gamers to enjoy, qualifies as an in-game event.

Players vying for victory will face previously unheard-of difficulties in season eight, which is rumored to have been influenced by Greek mythology.

In an effort to conquer the Cuties’ homeland, villains will use the forces of the Greek underworld.

According to the initiative, the game has the potential to be equally rewarding for both novice and seasoned players.

For blockchain-based games, constant innovation is absolutely essential since fresh content keeps players coming back for more and fosters loyalty.

A Vibrant Community

Weekly updates on the most recent ecosystem changes and data on the number of NFTs that have been bought and traded. This information offers an exciting window into the overall state of the cryptocurrency market.

There are always new features being introduced, and in June, BCU connected with the well-known multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet known as BitKeep.

Even though we are currently in the “crypto winter,” there are still many things to look forward to in the coming months. For Blockchain Cuties fans, the release of season eight will be akin to Christmas.

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