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Scamming continues to worry bitcoin traders just like in other online activities where people have lost their money and investments to cunning investors.  There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is secure for investors. However, something can happen and you may become a victim of the bitcoin scam. The good news is that you can now recover your scammed bitcoin with the help of bitcoin recovery experts.  This help is available through CNC Intelligence Inc. Cryptocurrency Recovery services.

Top bitcoin traders have not been spared in the past. Some have lost crypto assets to scammers and there was little that they could do. This trend prompted efforts to recover scammed bitcoin, which has now been a huge possibility. You can now get back your cryptocurrency should you get conned by other traders online.  Even before recovering stolen bitcoin, traders have been interested in learning how to avoid these scammers. This is a great focus but things happen that may require the services of a bitcoin recovery expert!

Getting Experts Help for your Scammed Bitcoin

There is available help to recover your Scammed Bitcoin. However, it is important to act accordingly to make the process successful. Experts recommend the following:

  • Report the matter immediately. Reach out to these Bitcoin recovery experts like CNC Intelligence Inc, which does cryptocurrency tracing as well as asset and fund recovery. Using sophisticated cryptocurrency forensic software, CNC Intelligence Inc. is able to track all the movements of Bitcoin or Altcoins and identify which virtual asset service providers, such as Exchanges, have received the Bitcoin.  An experienced cryptocurrency forensic expert will be able to identify which Virtual Asset Service Providers are likely to follow proper know your customer Policies and cooperate with request from Law Enforcement.
  • Once the relevant Virtual Asset Service Providers have been identified, the movement of the Bitcoin needs to be documented and shared with law enforcement to send the official request for information connected to the transactions of interest.
  • Once the information has been received, the jurisdiction of where the Bitcoin was moved to and ultimately exchanged for fiat money is established and persons of interest are identified.
  • The persons of interest should be pursued in their local jurisdiction. Working with an experience bitcoin recovery expert can help navigate the difficulty of working with legal experts and law enforcement in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Follow the recommended procedures. Be sure of who stole your funds before you hire lawyers to file an injunction to freeze any funds. With cryptocurrency, you can see where your coins were moved. That gives you good evidence to take necessary action supported by law. Having identified the fraudster, you may be able to enforce an order for payment of damages by fraudsters. An experience asset recovery expert will provide you with all the necessary information and and provide guidance on how to recover your funds in an honest and transparent way.

Protect your Bitcoin with cold wallet

A cold wallet is designed to store cryptocurrencies offline. That means the digital wallet is in storage devoid of internet connectivity. By nature of design, a cold wallet is protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks and other online attacks.

Here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Use Encrypted Gadgets. Encrypted devices such as laptops and phones functioning are similar to cold storage. They help you store and access private information, however, remember that in order to be cold storage the hard wallet should not be connected to the Internet. 
  • Buy a quality Hard Wallet. While there is some initial cost here, a quality Hard Wallet stores your private key in a secure hardware device, giving you the highest protection possible for your Bitcoin.
  • Keep Paper Wallets in Vaults. Safety deposit boxes or vaults ensures that you have a physical backup for your important information. It may come in handy if it’s the last and only option you have.
  • Make sure to not to lose your private key or secret pass phrase, without which, you will not be able to access your Bitcoin.

Keep your Bitcoin Crypto Safe

Implementing measures to safeguard your bitcoin against theft is better than recovering it from scammers. Use both hot and cold wallets since it is unlikely you will be using all your funds in daily transactions. Keep the bulk of your funds in the cold wallet and leave a few for transactions in the hot wallet. Should anything happen, make sure you act quickly and report to bitcoin recovery experts for help.

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