Uphold Launches Smart Limit Orders Service For Its Users




The service for the sale of bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies and shares, Uphold, launched this Thursday, June 3, a new function on its platform, which they have called “smart limit orders”, for all its users.

This tool allows buying or selling bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, as well as stocks, metals and forex automatically at a price previously stipulated by the user , the company said through a press release accessed by CriptoNoticias.

That is, the trade is pre-programmed based on a condition of the price of the crypto asset . In that sense, they explain that the platform allows users to place Smart orders, such as, for example, selling Tesla shares and buying bitcoin, when the price of bitcoin is below $ 50,000.

In the words of Uphold , one of the advantages they offer is that users will be able to place up to 50 orders simultaneously , without having to block funds at the time the order is configured.

“This not only allows users to maintain liquidity and carry out other operations in the market, but it also offers greater possibilities, since multiple ‘orders’ can be established with the same investment of $ 100, for example,” explained the company .

In addition, they also announced that withdrawal of funds can be set up directly to a bank account in US dollars, British pounds and euros, once a sell order has been executed.

The CEO of Uphold , Juan Pablo Thieriot, indicated that fintech platforms have started a new stage so that millions of people can once again operate in the stock market and include cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio for the first time.

According to Thieriot, Uphold’s new smart limit orders “open up new possibilities for retail investors and level the playing field, taking institutional-grade functionality in futures trading and applying it to traditional orders.”

Latin America, an important market for Uphold
The Uphold platform has integrated functions to meet the needs of its users in Latin America, such as the new “smart limit orders” or the one presented in 2020, which allows the sale of US stocks with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Enabling the purchase of fractional shares, as reported by CriptoNoticias, allows users to invest from $ 1 in companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix or Tesla.

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