Do You Know About The Announcement Of €100,000 KLX Developer Airdrop Made By Kalima?




For its high throughput and energy-efficient blockchain, Kalima provides a Developer Airdrop to encourage innovation. Developers participating in the Developer Airdrop will compete in coding challenges for prizes in KLX, Kalima’s native token.

This airdrop is very different from traditional airdrops, which often give free coins to active cryptocurrency users in exchange for their involvement. 

The Kalima team chose a more creative strategy instead, encouraging community growth by developing useful decentralised apps (dApps) hosted on the Kalima Blockchain and utilising all the fascinating features built into the blockchain.

Essential Steps For PArticipating In Kalima Airdrop Hackathon

The following actions must be taken by developers that wish to participate in this competition:

1. Fill out the registration form found here or at, the Kalima website.

2. The Kalima Blockchain development instructions and authorisation will be sent to you.

3. You may discover the technical information you need to construct your application.

4. To get started with tutorials, go to Kalima’s GitHub page:

5. Create a software program or decentralised application (dApp) on the Kalima blockchain that complies with the following standards:

  • Project integrating blockchain
  • As a secondary layer for Tezos or the Lightning Network, multichain uses Kalima
  • clever techniques for rewarding (e.g., Indoor air quality Smart Rewarding)
  • Data that can be verified (i.e., carbon tracking)
  • The actual NFTs

6. Make a video tutorial 3 to 10 minutes long and discusses your idea in detail (the goal is for somebody watching the tutorial to understand, replicate and use your dApp).

7. Place a link to the YouTube video in the registration form specifically for YouTube uploads.

You may submit a pull request for your project’s code to the Kalima Blockchain Hackathon repository here.

In the developer’s channel on Kalima’s discord, developers may ask questions and get support.

Do You Want To Know About Kalima?

With the help of the rapidly expanding ecosystem known as Kalima, a layer one third-generation blockchain, businesses, developers, and startups will be able to create Web3 Enterprise and Data Governance applications that will solve real-world issues, especially with the help of IoT (Internet of Things) data.

Users may autonomously regulate, manage, and monetise their data using Kalima’s decentralised network of permissioned blockchains (PrivaChains) and make tokens for smart-rewarding systems.

Well-known businesses have already decided to deploy Kalima’s solution in practical use cases. The ease of use and modularity that Kalima provides to the developers in these organisations can be credited with this success.

With the public release of Kalima Blockchain, users and developers of Kalima will have access to a broader range of potential uses.

Achievements Of Top Five Participants 

  • First place: €35 000 KLX
  • €25,000 KLX for second place.
  • Third place: €20,000 KLX
  • Fourth place: €10,000 KLX
  • €10,000 KLX for fifth place.

The prize aggregation makes participation worthwhile. Along with the top participants, the other ones are also awarded for their efforts. Now, let’s participate in the Kalima blockchain.

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