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Thermometers continue to decline and, although we have several open fronts after the passage of Filomena, it is important not to neglect some that may go unnoticed.

One of them: skin care. It seems that it is not so bad, but extreme cold can have devastating consequences on her and it would be not only an incredible spur to aging, but a real shame after having been taking care of her all year.

That is why it is vital not only to have the appropriate cosmetics at home and, in most cases, to adapt our beauty routine, but also and above all to carry in the bag and always have some essentials on hand to help us protect those parts. more vulnerable and that are usually exposed such as the face, lips and hands.

“Intense cold ‘burns’ the surface of the skin and for this reason it becomes dry, sensitive, redness appears and in some cases roughness. In addition, the continued cold acts in deeper layers generating a feeling of continuous alarm and forcing the skin to generate, in some cases, antibodies to protect it from external attack “, confirms Paola Gugliotta, doctor in Dermocosmetics and founder of Sepai and APoEM .

And there is more: despite the cold, the skies wake up clear and could even cause burns. Sonia Márquez, communication director of Laboratorios + Farma Dorsch explains it: “While sand only reflects 15% of solar radiation, on snow the percentage can reach 85%.

Furthermore, snow creates a mirror effect that reflects 80% of ultraviolet rays and the action of cold and Wind on the skin easily dries it out, making it more fragile and susceptible to burns. Proper protection is not an option but an obligation “. Go for it.

  1. Cleansing balm
    Although we are used to it and we like to perform a deep and thorough cleaning of the skin, we must be careful in such weather conditions. An excess of foams, gels or micellar waters can take away part of the film that protects the skin and reduce its natural fat too much, so experts recommend using other types of textures during this season. The best?

The balm, very melting and oily but extremely light when in contact with the skin. This one, from Clinique, is a bestseller and a brand best-seller since its launch. Simply take some in your hands, rub them and apply on the face watching how it removes all the makeup and the traces of dirt and pollution. It looks like magic and almost is.

“It is one of the best make-up removers I’ve ever tried. It can handle everything, even waterproof mascara … You don’t need to apply a lot to remove make-up and as soon as you wet it, it transforms into a kind of make-up remover milk. I’ll repeat for sure” .

  1. Moisturizer with sun protection
    As the experts indicate, sun protection is essential every day of the year and these in particular. If you have to buy or prefer not to use a sunscreen to use, the ideal option is an ultralight protector for daily use like this one from Isdin with SPF30.

It is specially formulated for use in urban environments and to protect not only from UVA rays, but also from blue light and pollution. Apply as a base before makeup and reapply throughout the day if you continue to expose yourself to light.

” I am addicted to this product. It is wonderful. Texture, finish and protection. Total fan. I use it, I am 60 years old and my daughter is 38, by this I mean that it adapts to any skin type and need”.

  1. Repair oil
    When you return home and finish the day, there is nothing like a restorative cure that you can apply to both the face and the body. We recommend this soothing Weleda oil formulated with almond and indicated even for the most sensitive and also oily skin.

Use it after cleansing and notice how it intensely nourishes, hydrates and calms the skin. Its texture, although oily, is not sticky at all and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film. It will also serve to reduce irritations, itching, redness and tightness so typical on cold days.

” A pleasant and gentle oil for the skin of the face. It has an almost imperceptible aroma, very subtle. The face feels moisturized and protected, especially during the cold season. Highly recommended!”

  1. Protective lip balm
    One of the most recognized on the market for its effectiveness: the iconic Carmex becomes a must on the coldest days of the year. It costs less than 3 euros and has a 5-star rating on the platform because yes: it is infallible.

Remember to apply it every so often to keep lips protected and hydrated free from cuts and cracks. Trick: before sleeping, apply a good coat to repair the damage caused by environmental dryness.

“It’s my bedside balm, I have one on the bedside table, another on the dresser and I always carry one in my bag. It’s my favorite. It has a very nice minty touch and leaves my lips very soft. I’ll keep buying it.”

  1. Hand cream

An Amazon best-seller with almost 4,000 ratings. By logic, the hands are one of the most unprotected parts of the body these days, even more so when, in addition to the freezing temperatures, we subject them to the aggression of hydroalcoholic gels.

This tube of Neutrogena relieves damage and dryness, protects the skin and prevents irritation. It is a unique concentrated formula that will make your hands feel comfortable and protected and even withstands a couple of washes after application.

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