In Web 3.0 Gaming, K4 Rally And Xchange Monster Have Teamed Up




K4 Rally — Blockchain Racing Game and Xchange, Zurich/Dubai, June 20, 2022. Monster and Web3.0 Development and Services have formed a strategic relationship.

Both companies will be able to provide gamers with the entire GameFi value chain if they work together. The goal is to create a play-to-earn Web3 gaming experience that gives players ownership of the games they play through NFTs and seamless integration of all accessible crypto assets throughout their entire game portfolio. 

Gamers can exchange in-game assets for fiat dollars using Xchange Monster. K4 Rally will be one of the first AAA graphics blockchain games that exploit the Xchange Monster services to their maximum potential.

CEO of Xchange Monster, Felix Honigwachs: “Players today want true digital ownership as well as activities outside of the game. It must also suit their way of life. We’ve found a visionary partner in K4 Rally who shares our goals and adds value to our offering.”

“Offering a motivating and high-quality Play2Earn game is only half of what blockchain gamers require,” Frank Holz, Founder of GAWOONI MetaLabs, continues. The second half consists of chances for players to trade their digital NFTs and tokens between games and convert them to fiat money. Xchange Monster is the ideal answer in this case.

Xchange Monster’s Overview

The Xchange Monster ecosystem as a whole provides a unique, fully regulated crypto platform with a variety of solutions for the gaming community and its providers. The project offers several features for developers and gamers and support for cryptocurrency and digital asset storage. Xchange Monster allows direct payments for all NFT transactions on the platform, making it straightforward. Xchange Monster has been approved by Swiss regulators and is entirely safe and secure. The need for regulation and trust in blockchain technology was considered when creating the platform. Xchange Monster can unlock the potential of the GameFi market and assist its growth and development as a trustworthy and secure crypto platform.


GAWOONI MetaLabs Background

GAWOONI MetaLabs is a publisher and producer of high-quality blockchain games and GameFI apps based in Dubai. K4Rally is one of Gawooni MetaLabs’ games.

K4 Rally Overview

You should anticipate tremendous things when collaborating with motorsport experts, real race drivers, and professional game developers. K4 Rally is more than just another Play2Earn or NFT racing game; it is the world’s first blockchain rally game and a watershed moment for blockchain gaming. K4 Rally is bridging the gap between the worlds of racing and crypto. That is why professional rally drivers are backing this game.



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