John McAfee, Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Knows about Failure of Ghost Crypto Project




The former U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee has declared that he is leaving the ghost cryptocurrency project such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, and Binance Coin (BNB).

He thinks that it will fail “without any doubt,” Because of it, he has lost his reputation.

Therefore, his Ghost phone service will be launched as planned, he emphasized, continuing that there will be a new cryptocurrency for the Ghost marketplace.

John McAfee’s Feud with Ghost Cryptocurrency:

Similarly, he has developed the Ghost marketplace, which comprises the privacy-centric ghost cryptocurrency, an interchange, and phone assistance. He has declared that he is no longer promoting the ghost cryptocurrency.

On Wednesday, he tweeted that I am going to leaving the Ghost project. The administration is incompetent to secure the existing project successfully. And indeed, it would fail without any doubt.

He continued and apologized to those he led adrift. The antivirus administrator declared that he considered in the ghost cryptocurrency, but Switch CEO Josh Case destroyed the whole project. “Josh managed the project.

McAfee said to his Twitter disciples, and He was destroying it”. “Josh is a fool,” he proceeded to tweet. “I attached Ghost to my Ghost marketplace because I had his confidence that he would be 100 per cent concentration on Ghost crypto.

But He nevermore met that commitment. So, I could no longer continue a project directed by someone working on Ethershare or Clearpoll, and much more.

McAfee posted a special message he stated he sent to Case to illustrate why his “abilities are fastened.” “And if you had informed me, from the inception, that earning money for you, myself and everyone connected in Ghost, was of no concern to you, and you merely desired a piss throughout with useless plans.

Presently I have to get another coin for the Ghost marketplace, and you have ruined my reputation through your incompetence to concentrate exclusively on the business at control.

Moreover, McAfee declared in July that the Ghost marketplace would also be composed of the Ghost phone service. It states to assist subscribers to be “unseen,” noting that it will be “the leading 4G data service to make links to the network undetectable.”

After attending the Ghost official team, McAfee verified that on September 30, “Our Ghost phone service will be started, is the company of our marketplace, and nothing will replace with the setting. Now we are, leaving Ghost as our privacy coin and will substitute it.”

During the corresponding month, the Ghost team declared a partnership with the digital currency payment processor Ivendpay, which will allow 60 vending devices in Hong Kong. Plus, it will receive the ghost cryptocurrency for payments like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, and Binance Coin.

On Wednesday, Replying to McAfee’s exit statement, the “Ghost by McAfee” company explained that we will be leaving the ‘by John McAfee’ quickly and will just be named Ghost. And John had no concern in any day to day actions.” While at the time of reporting, the price value of ghost cryptocurrency has dropped approximately 63% from its high price to 0.266391 USD.

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