This Week The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Is IMPT Token Uniswap Listing




This weekend, just after midnight UTC on Sunday, the IMPT token presale comes to a close. On December 14, the IEO will take place. Analysts have predicted that the new green cryptocurrency will be the next to explode. 

They have also predicted that the exploding cryptocurrency will have listings confirmed on Uniswap, LBank, Changelly, and seven other exchanges that have yet to be disclosed.

At the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok earlier this week, CEO Denis Creighton and CTO Mike English delivered a keynote address on the urgent issue of climate change.

The address, titled “The Planet’s Loyalty Program,” described how the initiative would leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to increase transparency in the carbon credit market, which McKinsey predicts will increase in value by 100 times over the next two decades.

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Explosion

Since the start of the token presale on October 3, IMPT has emerged as one of the most popular cryptocurrency tokens due to its practical applications in industry and real-world utility. has raised $17.5 million so far, making it one of the most profitable crypto presales of 2022.

For his 607,000 followers, VoskCoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels, recently assessed IMPT and its environmental activities.

Along with the cryptocurrency price monitoring website CoinCodex, several other well-known YouTubers named IMPT as one of the upcoming cryptocurrencies to take off.

By linking a MetaMask or Trust Wallet to the official website and purchasing IMPT using USDT or ETH, investors have around one day and fifteen hours left to participate in the IMPT presale. Then, on December 12, tokens can be redeemed.

One IMPT is now worth $0.023, and its listing price has been set at $0.0253 for December 14, representing a 10% gain with no vesting term. Holders are not subject to any lockup periods except the venture capital investors in the project.

IMPT A Revolutionary Eco-Friendly IEO cryptocurrency

Over time, the blockchain community has come under fire for not offering more strategies to combat global warming. The industry has raised its voice more over the past year. 

And many of them have cited the fact that blockchain technology can support activities like bitcoin mining as proof that it cannot stand by and let this battle play out.

This is where the well-liked IMPT enters the picture. The recent introduction of an Ethereum-based network makes purchasing carbon credits very simple. You may lessen your carbon footprint and aid in the creation of a greener environment by using this technique.

Additionally, IMPT makes it simple for investors to invest in eco-sustainable initiatives. This endeavour demonstrates how blockchain may benefit society. IMPT is timely in a world where climate change is still a major concern.

With IMPT, it’s easy. They came up with a new method after realizing that carbon credits are exchanged in an outdated and inefficient manner. These credits are converted into NFTs by IMPT so that you can exchange them.

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