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After the social media juggernaut, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and interest in the Metaverse skyrocketed last year. In addition, despite launching several distinct virtual world projects, there still needs to be integration and interoperability. 

Users often receive a virtual reality that has already been customised for them. Additionally, the Metaverse market is still dominated by restrictions on protocols, integrations, and the usage of NFTs.

Innovative initiatives like Bluemoon, however, are reinventing what the Metaverse can be in the true spirit of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Bluemoon enables users to take on the executive position, making decisions and allowing Metaverse enthusiasts to create their own virtual reality from the start. 

Additionally, the platform will include an integrated NFT marketplace where users may buy or sell the ideal avatar or item to finish their Metaverse vision.

Create, Alter, And Easily Make Executive Marketing Decisions

In the middle of 2021, the concept for Bluemoon began to take shape to assist both individual and institutional users in creating the ideal virtual environment. 


While the Sandbox and Decentraland were sweeping the crypto industry, Bluemoon was just getting started and harnessing revolutionary concepts.

Bluemoon Is Different From Other Metaverse Projects

To make the Metaverse the simplest to utilise, Bluemoon was created. There are a lot of metaverse projects out there that aim to wow viewers with their graphics. However, nowadays, anyone can rapidly create this kind of gaming experience.

We chose not to go down that path and instead created a metaverse that people could simply access on virtually any smart device, including VR headsets, and join with only a few clicks. 

We can swiftly create a tailored metaverse solution for brands and companies who wish to use our metaverse technology. You may do e-commerce, provide Defi services, organise meetings and events, broadcast video games, and much more inside the Metaverse.

Users Are Able To Build Their Own Metaverse Experience

With the use of pre-made templates or premium meta space drops, Bluemoon will offer the platform and resources required to develop customised social spaces swiftly. Users will soon be able to build their own unique areas entirely from scratch by utilising the platform’s MetaPro Editor.

The Metaverse’s building components are virtual places and NFTs. Virtual land, in-game items, digital identities, and avatars are all non-fungible tokens created on the blockchain. 

Due to the close ties between these two industries, Bluemoon undertakes to include NFT trading in the Metaverse.

Users can exhibit their NFTs inside Bluemoon and have their NFTs immediately listed on various NFT Marketplaces, including the Bluemoon Marketplace. 

On a single platform, users will be able to purchase, sell, rent, trade, and compare NFTs. Guest users who sign up for the area will have the option to buy these NFTs or make a bid on them directly in the Metaverse.

In the Metaverse itself, each space will be a genuine NFT, and for those who also secure the exclusive land, this will arrive in the form of an NFT. Users can customise their metaverse environments by purchasing metaverse assets as NFTs.


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